Nutrition Classes

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Chiropractic is one very important component of a healthy lifestyle, but Dr. Fawn is also passionate about teaching her patients about how vital good nutrition is to maintaining true health and wellness.  

Dr. Fawn leads classes three times a year (winter, spring and fall) to help people learn just how good their bodies are designed to feel, simply by changing the foods they put on their plate!  The program is based on teaching participants to feed their body nutritious foods and to be able to recognize which foods may cause them to function at less than their best. Each class gets bigger and better and many participants come back for resets and bring new friends and family members with them.  The community that we’ve created is like no other and is why many feel this program has been so successful for them. 


Many who know Dr. Fawn know her story.  After being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease over five years ago she followed her chiropractic principles, knowing that her body could heal itself if just given the right tools.  Nutrition played a HUGE role in this effort and it has helped her to not only become symptom-free of the disease, but to be healthier than she has ever been!  (And yes, she lost A LOT of weight, too!) Patients are always asking for advice on their diet, and so much of what the media tells us is healthy is wrong!  Dr. Fawn has decided it’s time to teach you what it really means to ‘eat healthy’ and give your body what it needs to function at its very best! 

How The Program Works

The introductory class is where Dr. Fawn will tell you the basics of the program, which is based on the Whole30* program (written by Melissa Hartwig).  After your class, the rest of the program is run through Facebook, where you will be added to a private group. Here, Dr. Fawn will give short daily videos to help you along each stage of the journey and participants can share recipes, ask questions, get daily support and share their victories along the way.

*The Whole30 program is based on a book written by Melissa Hartwig. Dr. Fawn teaches concepts in the book that are available to the public and is not specifically authorized by the copyright owner.*

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  • Joint Pains or Arthritis?

  • Autoimmune Disease?

  • Diabetes?

  • Skin Conditions?

  • Low Energy?

  • Extra Pounds To Lose?

  • Simply Want to Be Healthier?

Dr. Fawn’s classes are beneficial for anyone who wants to improve their health naturally!

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It’s amazing how much better I feel by putting good food in my body. Not only did I lose 13 pounds (and continue to lose) and 8 inches, but I learned to love cooking healthy meals and I experimented with new foods and flavors that I never would have tried before! The support from the group was amazing and one of the biggest reasons for my success! 
— D.M.
I have more energy, WAY less pain, I am finally sleeping all night, I have cut the amount of pain pills I was taking in half and I lost weight!  Give it a try - it’s totally worth it! The support from my group was AMAZING!!
— J.G.