Cold Laser Therapy

LASER Therapy

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Keeping up with the latest technology has also led Fresh Start Chiropractic to begin to offer COLD LASER THERAPY to our patients. The Erchonia Class II Cold Laser has been FDA approved to help with chronic pain and inflammation.

How Does It Work?

The laser light is programmed to the same wavelength as that of a healthy cell (635nm). When the light is applied to damaged tissue, it jump-starts the mitochondria in the cells to begin producing more energy (ATP) to speed up cellular healing. The increased energy improves cellular metabolism and speeds up debris cleaning and cellular division. What does this do for the patient? It speeds tissue healing time and reduces pain, swelling and inflammation.


A laser treatment is painless, quick and simple. The laser emits a red light that is simply applied over the affected area for three minutes. There is no heat produced and many patients feel no sensation when it is applied, while others claim they experience a slight cooling or tingling feeling.