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Growing up as a high school athlete I had my first chiropractic adjustments from my uncle, Dr. Rodney Shaffer, who helped me through a recurring back injury. From this experience and time spent with him I started to learn the basics of the chiropractic philosophy.

When I went on to chiropractic school I began to further understand these principles and learned that our bodies are amazingly intelligent and thanks to the most important system, our nervous system, our body can function at 100% as long as the nervous system is able to work with no interference.

After graduating from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA in 2006 with highest honors, I came back to Lock Haven to open my practice. From the beginning I began to teach my patients that with regular chiropractic adjustments they could drastically improve many aspects of their health, not just eliminate pain. I did my best to relay this information to everyone, truly believing that I understood what it meant to allow the body to heal itself. It wasn’t until I was practicing for seven years that I was forced to put my own philosophy to the test.


In late 2013 I became very ill and was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. Having never been so sick in my life, I was faced with a very big decision: follow the advice of the medical doctors who insisted that I could not possibly live a normal life with this potentially devastating disease without a multitude of harsh drugs that would most likely cause an array of nasty side effects, OR trust in what I had been teaching my patients all these years and allow my body the chance to heal itself. Against the strongly-worded opinions of my medical doctors, I chose to trust in what I knew was the best option – to allow my body to heal from the inside out! Through a faithful regimen of chiropractic adjustments to ensure that my brain was communicating effectively with the rest of my body, as well as following a strict diet of natural, healthy foods, taking proper vitamin supplementation, and exercising regularly, I have been symptom-free from that nasty disease since June 2014. In fact, I now feel better than I have ever felt in my entire life!

I believe that I was ‘blessed’ with the diagnosis of Crohn’s simply as a way to strengthen my chiropractic philosophy and to help me to teach my patients about what it means to be truly healthy. Not just from the standpoint of a health professional who is telling them what to do, but from someone who has been down a scary road and is able to lead by example to show people how to overcome obstacles in their health. I now have even more conviction and determination to educate and to help my patients on how they, too, can change their lives for the better and feel better than they ever have before by following the simple principles of chiropractic! 


Not only do I have my uncle to thank for teaching me the ropes of chiropractic, but I also owe my parents a huge thank you for teaching me how to run a successful small business. My father, Rus, is a well-known contractor and my mom, Sharon, owns her own busy wedding rental business. I have watched and learned from their devoted work ethic all of my life and I apply all that they have taught me to my practice. I strive to ensure that each of my patients feels not only comfortable and at ease in my office, but I also work to make sure that they know that they are valued and are not simply a number. I am thankful each day that I am able to help people to achieve happier, healthier lives and I will continue to do all that I can to ensure that my practice continues to be the cheerful, welcoming office that is has become. 

I have been a life-long resident of Clinton County, graduating from Lock Haven High School in 1998 and from Lock Haven University in 2002. I enjoy traveling, as well as physical activities such as hiking, running, kayaking and scuba diving and I am an active member of my local church. I live in McElhattan with my Weimaraners, Palmer and Bella,  my rescue dog, Lilo, and my Siamese cat, Peeka.

Meet Our Staff



Nicole is our FCLB Certified Chiropractic Assistant and Office Manager. From answering phones, manning the front desk and performing spinal scans and patient therapies she wears many hats. She strives to create a positive and comfortable atmosphere in all aspects of the office. When Nicole is not at work she enjoys reading and taking on new adventures with her daughter and husband.



Kerrie is our Licensed Massage Therapist. With her fun and friendly demeanor she fits right in with the staff at Fresh Start Chiropractic. She graduated from The Integrative Bodywork School of Massage Therapy and she specializes in therapeutic and sports massage. She is also an EMT and is currently the Deputy Directory of the Bellefonte EMS. In her spare time she loves to spend time camping with her family.



Lilo joined our staff in June 2018 when Dr. Fawn adopted her from a rescue organization!  She has been greeting patients from behind the front desk ever since!  Puppy therapy is always a great addition to your care at Fresh Start Chiropractic!  Lilo loves chewing bones and taking long naps behind the desk.  She especially enjoys playing with her sisters (Bella, a Weimaraner and Peeka, a Siamese cat) and brother (Palmer, a Weimaraner) when she goes home for the day!