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Whether your goal is to recover from an injury or to create and maintain an optimal level of health and wellness for both you and your family, Fresh Start Chiropractic offers an assortment of services to meet the unique needs of each patient, including:

  • A variety of manual adjusting techniques (including Thompson and Diversified)

  • Gentle, low-force instrument adjusting techniques

  • Pediatric and Pregnancy Care

  • Subluxation Station Spinal Scans

  • Cold Laser Therapy

  • Electric Muscle Stimulation

  • Massage Therapy

  • Therapeutic Salt Room

  • Vitamins and Supplements

  • Nutritional Classes

Fresh Start Chiropractic strives to ensure that the quality of care you receive in our office goes above and beyond your expectations! Let us show you how chiropractic can help you to meet your health goals and improve your quality of life. Call today for an appointment – we’re always accepting new patients!

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Why Choose Us

Our friendly, welcoming staff are one great reason to check us out, but Dr. Fawn also works very hard to stay up to date with the latest techniques and technology in order to provide the best care possible for all of her patients. She offers a variety of adjusting techniques to cater to the needs of different patients.


The LAtest Modalities

Although chiropractic adjustments are by far the most important part of chiropractic treatment, Dr. Fawn also offers cold laser therapy and electric muscle stimulation for those who would benefit from these modalities in order to accelerate the healing process.


Try Salt Therapy

Salt therapy is a great way to simply detoxify and maintain a healthy respiratory system. Many choose to come regularly to achieve optimum health.